Coding Skills

Over the course of my career I have worked in many areas of web and software development. During that time I have amassesd a variety of coding skills and technical knowledge. I am fluent in several languages and frameworks. My specialties include:

  • Html
  • Css
  • Javascript including jQuery
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Bootstrap
  • Less and Sass

I also have excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills as well as a proven track record for creating responsive, accessible, and compliant user interfaces. I have excellent problem solving and communication skills as well. I am able to work with any client to get them the results they are seeking. I am also able to quickly acquire new skills as circumstances demand it. I have a natural ability to learn new technologies quickly and apply them to my latest projects.

Recent Projects

I have worked on a wide variety of projects for some of the largest utilites in the country. I have also done freelance work for a variety of clients. Some examples of this work can be seen below.

I have done extensive work for The Southern Califorinia Gas Company. I have implemented their customer portal over multiple iterations including adapting the Aclara products to display differently in a dynamic way based on the end user. This was new functionality built specifically for this client. I also updated the customer service representative application so that instead of being locked in to certian window sizes it would be fully responsive and adapt to any screen. This upgrade increased client usage of that application by over 50%. Below are some examples of the work I have done for this client.

Another client I have done work for recently is Ameren Energy. This project involved the development of a dynamic remote header system. This system allowed for a new level of interactivity for the end user.

For Vectren energy I did an implementaion of the Aclara Business Energy Advisor application. Shown here is the step by step flow through that application.

I am the web master of MIGHTYMYSTIC.COM. I built this website working with Mighty Mystic and the management group Ingenious Concepts. I created this site using wordpress so that the artist and his manager could keep the website current themselves.


One of the most important aspects of a good user interface designer is the ability to create wireframes. It is how one takes a project from conept to reality. My skill set is well suited to this purpose. My backround in graphic desing as well as my coding skills combine to let me create wireframs that not only speak the visual language that the project needs but also lend themsleves to rapid and easy movement to the prototype stage. Below are some wireframes I did for a mobile application.